Product/Service Idea: The Replomat

I have been thinking about MakerBot and thingiverse, occurs to me that every home should have a MakerBot, but that it needs to be easier to use and have one or two refinements before it is ready for the great-unwashed.

Imagine the scene:

Mother finds she is out of egg cups, so she says ‘Jeeves,’ (Jeeves is the home computer, ‘I need some more egg cups.’

Jeeves replies ‘These styles are available’ and displays a list of images, or 3D rotating images on a screen.

‘Number 4’ Mother says, ‘And which colour?’ asks Jeeves after examining the available colours in the home MakerBot, ‘ You have Red, Green, and neon pink loaded’

‘Hmm, two green and four red’ says Mother, Jeeves checks with the home MakerBot and says ‘Ready in 2 hours.’ and downloads the design from the internet, and sends it along with the colour preferences to the MakerBot.

Sounds like something from Star-Trek but the technology to do this is almost there, we have an archive of 3D printable designs available on thingiverse and cheep 3D printers in the form of MakerBot all that is needed is the service to connect the two and some improved communication between all the parts, maybe improve the ease of use on MakerBot and increase the colours, currently the best is the Replicator capable of holding and using two colour at a time, although this should be easy to increase to say 6.


Author: Stuart

Crazy Person

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