I have been having issues of late with people interrupting my flow, in an effort to identify these distractions and reduce them I have instituted the Wall of Shame.


Each row is a day of the week with Monday at the bottom and each Post It™ is an interruption, listing the person and the reason.

The first and most obvious pattern is that there are far more distractions at the start of the week.

Item Quantity
Sales Call 1
Chase 3rd party support 1
Password and Account issues 3
Email Issues 2
Tennant Issues 4
Personal 2
Equipment Loan 2
Advice on software 3
Edit and Image 2
Meeting Room Setup 4
Printers and Scanners 1
Software Purchasing 1
Restore from backup 1

This is a broad categorisation of the interruptions by task, we can further categorise them thusly

Fix Quantity
Training Issue 9
Remote support 11
Not fixable 9

So we can reduce the distractions significantly by giving users additional training and by encouraging them to raise their issues directly with the remote support team.

I will continue monitoring for a few weeks and see if any further patterns develop.


Author: Stuart

Crazy Person

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