The Great Migration: Part 2g, The Explore Updater

Explore is a searchable and filterable list of attractions, accommodation, restaurants, venues, events and associated things on our main consumer website.

As discussed in part 2a the event data mostly comes from the Press Association, the other data mostly comes from our Partners and their products. 

This is entered in to CRM by the users and then sent to the Content Management System that powers the website.

vNext Explore Process - Current

If this looks familiar its because it is almost the exact same process as used by the PA Event Importer from part 2a, as such it also suffers from the same issues of duplicate entry creation and slowness.

Unsurprisingly the planed replacement is also very similar

vNext Explore Process - vNext

Instead of relying on CRM to send messages to a plugin to push to the website we will use a WebJob in Azure to query CRM for updates on a schedule.


The Great Migration: Part 2e, The Project Management System

This system – which desperately needs a better name, suggestions in the comments please – mostly acts as ‘glue’ between several others to allow centralised reporting and one place to find most of the information users need on a day-to-day basis.  Well, it will when its finished, right now its just ‘glue’.

Project Management System - Current

The changes required to this are quite simple, we just need to change it to use the new Web APIs and point to the new Dynamics CRM Online tenancy so that the result look like this:

Project Management System - vNext (1)

We’ll look at some of the actual code changes in a later post.