The Great Migration: Part 2f, PCA Predict

Well damn, we missed one.


The Account and Contact Entities are integrated with PCA Predict. We use their Global Address Validation for Microsoft Dynamics integration to lookup UK addresses by postcode through their API –

We have used this service since around 2012 and have never had any issues with it and using the Pay-Per-Lookup pricing costs us almost nothing – for reference, we are currently doing around 300 lookups per year.

At least this is trivial to migrate, they have prebuilt all the JavaScript and have really nice documentation on how to add the files and hook up the parts.


Distraction, Revisited

Last Monday we looked at a weeks worth of distractions and decided that we could probably reduce them a lot.  Lets see how we did this week:


Again we can see that there are far more incidents at the start of the week, but overall the quantity has reduced.

Item Quantity
Upgrading Finance System 3
Equipment Loan 2
Printer Out Of Toner 3
Meeting Room Setup 2
PC Slow 1
Printer Part Snapped Off 1
Configure Email Encryption 1
CRM Capability Enquiry 1

It turns out that most of these are again training issues but different training from last week, the only item that stands out as a real issue is ‘Upgrading Finance System’ and this caused me to be interrupted because the user who arranged for it to happen didn’t notify anyone or plan the work in with the team but instead just cam over when they got stuck.

Its still a training issue but might require the use of a LART.